Village de Noel /Christmas Village

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village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (23)


Ca y est les fetes sont terminées et l'année a démarrée ,mais avant que cela ferme j ai eu l'opportunité de voir les stands du village de Noel au Trocadero face à la Tour Eiffel , plus axés sur des produits internationaux ,avec je vous rassure des stands pour se ravitailler :) il y avait quelques produits a des prix tres abordables .

Je vous laisse avec ces quelques clichés merci d'avance pour vos appréciations et encore Bonne Année 2011



Xmas & 2010 are over now ,and the new year started since few days ,but before the closing I had the opportunity to see the booths of the Christmas village held at Trocadero facing Eiffel Tower ,with products coming from various countries with quiet reasonnable prices ,and of course some for food .

Hope you like them and thanks in advance for your comments

Dec 2010 Village de Noel au trocadero (9)

village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (19)


village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (24)village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (5)


village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (44)


village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (37)

village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (43)village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (36)

village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (40)

village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (51)

village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (37)

 village de Noel Trocadero dec 2010 (53)


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apsara 06/02/2011 14:03

des objets sympas qui nécessitent peu de déplacements;le monde à portée de mains,plus besoin d'avion;pourtant l'attrait des départs et des voyages est un plaisir sans précédent!

beau dimanche ensoleillé

noelp 06/02/2011 18:31

Tu as totalement raison ,en voyageant le depaysement est assuré ,mais ce village permettait l achat des dernieres petites courses pleines d'originalité .

Bonne soirée à toi

London Caller 14/01/2011 02:14

Ha ha! Yes, I have been to Caiais! 

I think it's like an English town, everywhere I go I can see English people.

Calais people speak very good English too! :)


EU has a lot of problems in policy making! 

Law is created so everyone can be treated equally.

But in EU, different countries use their own law on top of obeying EU law.


noelp 14/01/2011 09:24

Yes LC that the main trouble if you compare to the States ,you have EU rules and European countries rules with so many technocracy

London Caller 10/01/2011 15:57

Ha ha... You're right!

Maybe the German are indeed richer.

When Portugal, Greece got money problem, it's always Germany that helps these countries first.

Living in a big family like EU is good, but you need to select rich neighbours to join you.

But rich neighbours like Sweden, Norway, UK, Denmark still refuse to join Euro.

But if you have many average neighbours in the club, it's not good for countries like France and Germany whose economy is much stronger. Because your products are more expensive than other Euro
countries. Euro is only good if all Euro countries set the same price for everything.

Eg, if you buy a magazine for 10 Euros in France but the same magazine only costs 8 Euros in Spain. People who live in the border between France and Spain, of course will go to Spain to buy the
magazines. Spanish people will go to work in France but spend the money in Spain. At the end, France will suffer more...

noelp 10/01/2011 18:37

You totally right with your economy course LC especially local we call transboarders which ones work for example in
Switzerland ,Germany and earn more than the French ones for the same job those ones buy their stuffs in the cheaper country in this case France for those with ,Spain,Italy,Belgium ,this is the
contrary people buy goods in these countries more interesting,for England especially Calais ,UK citizens came everyday either by shuttle,trains,or ferries and spend money for tobacco,alcoohol and
so .Trouble EU as been made further a calendar given by Political which ones haven't any idea of what it's exactly happen on the life of citizen and multiplied charges and staff for to cover
various depts and now they are totally out ,it's weird and we can 't return back .

fulgent 09/01/2011 08:26

belle rose de bulgarie 

noelp 09/01/2011 09:29

Dommage que le stand était fermé

noisycat 08/01/2011 22:31

Très belle série bravo

noelp 09/01/2011 01:36

Merci beaucoup et excellente soirée à toi aussi